AKC Registered Greater Swiss Mountain DogsThoughtfully Bred For Great Temperments and Long Healthy Lives

Austinite Swissy Sweet Soul Litter Born 11-28-16

Our Puppies Have Found Wonderful Homes.​​
Currently we have no planned litters.
Feel free to contact me about breeders in your area.

    Elwood              Finn            Kona                       Etta          

          Puppy Bus Video 6 Weeks Old           Puppy Play Video 7 Weeks Old         Prudence Herding Video 8 Weeks Old

About Austinite Swissys
Austinite Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs is a dedicated small scale in home kennel​ 
located in the beautiful Austin Texas Area.

We are conscientious careful breeders who promise; 
  • To breed healthy dogs tested for genetic diseases. 
  • To make good decisions when placing dogs and to choose the best possible homes. 
  • To be available to those homes and families when they need us for guidance and direction.
  • To place pet quality family companion puppies with a spay/neuter contract.
  • To re-home if the need arises.

Through our breeding program, we strive to produce versatile working abilities along with correct temperament and breed type.  We take special care while selecting healthy pedigrees with all OFA clearances, stable temperaments, as well as the correct standard breed type with handsome good looks. 

We will socialize our puppies starting at birth through touch, texture, and play.  Our Puppies will live in the main area of our clean well cared for home where we watch over them and introduce new adventures daily. Before they go home we will expose them to lots of people, families of all sizes and ages, car rides to different places with different sights and sounds, playtime outside, where they will be exposed to all kinds of toys, in pools with water, and lots of visitors.  

We believe the GSMD should continue to have what it takes to perform the working jobs it was originally bred to do. At the same time we strive for both loyal, healthy good tempered family companions as well as successful show dogs. We encourage all of our Swissy homes to get involved with "working dog" events such as competitive obedience, packing, herding, weight pulling, and therapy dog work. 

Thank you for your interest. We look forward to meeting you.
Enjoy the Autinite Swissy website !
​Lori and Jeff Haley​​